Joar Skrede, Sanne Holmgaard and I have conducted a literature review on research literature cultural heritage and ecosystem services recently published in Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites. The article is open access and readily available for anyone interested.

Abstract: During the last decade, we have witnessed an increased interest in Ecosystem Services (ES), including the so-called ‘cultural ecosystem services’ (CES) and its subcategory of ‘cultural heritage’. In this article, a review of academic literature of ES and cultural heritage is carried out. ES has primarily been developed by scholars from the ecological and economic disciplines, and in this article, we discuss how this impacts the way in which cultural heritage is used and conceptualised in ES literature. Based on the conceptual review, we initiate a discussion of what the implications for cultural heritage management could be if the heritage sector adopts the rationales in the ES framework.

Read the whole article: Hølleland, H., S. Skrede and S. Holmgaard 2017 Cultural Heritage and Ecosystems Services: A Literature Review. Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites 19(3): 210-237. DOI: 10.1080/13505033.2017.1342069