Working at a research institute provides limited teaching opportunities so it is always fun when I can join forces with different departments at the University of Oslo to do some teaching. Next week I look forward to welcoming the Master students from the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages to NIKU for a seminar on World Heritage research and management.

A large part of the teaching for the MUSKUL 4000 module takes place outside the university campus, exposing students to various heritage institutions. This is a great initiative from course coordintaor Bjørn Sverre Hol Haugen, and I am grateful to be able to take part in it. For me personally it provides an opportunity to think creatively about how to teach students about the World Heritage Convention, my own research as well as how students may use the repository of archival material to generate research data. Moreover, I am really excited that Beate Strøm, the coordinator for the Norwegian delegation to the World Heritage Committee (based at the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage), is able to join us for a conversation about how the World Heritage Committee operates. Hopefully this combination of research and management will give students an interesting introduction to the facinating world of World Heritage.

Check out more: Read about MUSKUL 4000 module. Part of the seminar will be based on the work I have done with Jessica Phelps on the Norwegian World Heritage history which you can read about in International Journal of Cultural Policy (behind paywall, get in touch if you don’t have access), on the Heritage Blog on and Kulturminnebloggen on