I am a researcher by training with an interdisciplinary background in archaeology, heritage studies and cultural history, holding degrees from the University of Oslo (MPhil and PhD) and University College London (MA). 

Since completing my education I have worked in heritage management, as a researcher at the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU), as a visiting scholar at Stanford University and served as the editor in chief for the archaeological journals of Primitive tider and Viking

In addition to research I am passionate about research policy. This interest led me to develop a ‘dual career’; in addition to working as heritage researcher, I built the Young Academy of Norway, an interdisciplinary organization dedicated to research policy and dissemination, from scratch from 2014-2017 and led the process of establishing Letten Prize for young researchers in 2018. At present I work as a senior policy advisor at the Norwegian Ministry of Education with particular emphasis on research careers, gender equality and diversity.  

At herdisholleland.com I present my research through blogs entries, project information and published articles. Visit academia.edu to read more of my research and read more about on-going projects here.