In addition to conducting heritage research, I also work extensively with policy – both heritage policy and research policy. I have done so from various angles; as a civil servant at both regional and national levels, as a researcher conducting evaluations and investigations on behalf of the public administrations, as a member of a government committee and as part of an interest organization.

Heritage policy

As part of my work at NIKU (2016-2019) I have contributed to and led evaluations of the regional management of built heritage in Hordaland County and Oppland County as well as on heritage valuation for the the Directorate of Cultural Heritage. Working as a heritage manager in Vestfold County Authority (2013-2014) part of my work included developing a research-based approach to heritage tourism (English summary) at the Viking Age sites of Borre, Gokstad and Oseberg.

Research policy

As part of my work for the Young Academy of Norway (2014-2017), I have contributed to designing and analyzing a survey directed towards young researchers in Norway, resulting in reports the uncertainties facing young researchers today and the career tracks and ambitions of young researchers in Norway.  Moreover, through policy briefs, op eds, public hearings and events I have contributed to addressing issues such as research mobility, gender equality, research quality and the research careers for postdocs to name but some. Since then I have also served on a government appointed committee on the career structures of researchersthe Underdalutvalg (2017-2018). Today I work with these issues full-time as a civil servant in the Norwegian Ministry of Education.